About "Inked Doll"

About Inked Doll

Hii !

My name is Harmony and I'm the Creator/Founder/Ceo of 
"Inked Doll" Vegan Cosmetics !
I don't have a story like most makeup designers who say they've been
playing with their mother's makeup since they were 3 yrs old etc.
This Alternative cruelty free brand was created almost the minute my
Daddy told me he had Cancer...I knew immediately I had to give back to
the cause in his honor;
The only thing I knew was Fashion and Beauty ! Already being
established with my clothing and accessories line "Candy-Rock Couture"
I wanted to start something fresh, new, creative, def colorful and
affordable that anyone and everyone can enjoy but which also raised
awareness and gave back to the world !

It took me a little over a year to perfect all of the formulas and
product packages I wanted for my makeup line to reflect my clothing
line..and Now "Inked Doll Cosmetics" is a vegan, cruelty free hi-def
makeup line in which a portion of the proceeds is donated to Cancer
and other causes each month ! ..Before my Daddy died I told him I'd be
raising awareness to each cause I donate money to and he loved the
idea..he was a preacher, a giver, a teacher, a fighter, a Vet, gave to
the sick even when he was sick and MORE!
This makeup line is dedicated to him and to continue his legacy to
Bless and change the World !

Ok sorry for the sadness but don't be!!..Because he is in Heaven &
this is not just you're ordinary Alternative Brand...this is Girl
Power! This is Beauty Power! This is for anyone who is Fighting for a
Cause! This is for anyone who is Battling disease! For anyone who said
you Can't ..I'm here to say YOU CAN ! This is for the world who views
Different as ugly ; Embrace your Beauty !!!..cuz NOW you are an "INKED

XOXO Dollz;)
Love, Harmony;)